USA Today - Sycamores No Longer in MVC?


The Menser Level
They left out ISU. Typical. Stuff like this is so annoying and it seems to happen to ISU more often than not...ESPECIALLY in the Indy Star.

ISU gets absolutely no respect, ever, by my hometown newspaper the Indy Star.

I realize the link above is to the USAToday, but it reminds me of how the Indy Star treats ISU Sports....with no respect.

But thanks for the link :bigsmile:


The Odum Level
Indystar doesn't even mention ISU in their state college round up on a consistent basis. It is bad.
You are right Pomeroy Fan. They must have discovered their error & put us back in the Valley. It was not there when I posted it originally. What do they call those people..................proofreaders ?



The Recruit Level
thank god the star finally put us back in the was tough being without a conference...thanks star!!!