Valley Standings as of 2/20 with tie breakers

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[email protected], WSU
IlSU...11-5....CU, @SIU *77 PWR PTS*
[email protected], IlSU *74 PWR PTS*
BU.....9-7.....SIU, @CU *79 PWR PTS*
[email protected], BU *56 PWR PTS*
[email protected], MSU *71 PWR PTS*
UNI....7-9.....ISU, @UE *57 PWR PTS*
MSU....6-10....DU, @ISU *48 PWR PTS*
[email protected], UNI
WSU....3-13....UE, @DU

Illinois State wins a squeaker, and SIU rolls tonight.
Head-to-Head tie breakers remain the same. We own the tie breaker over UE, and Drake owns the tie breaker over us. Bradley beat Creighton in their only meeting so far, so they take the four seed and Creighton drops to five. UE beat WSU in their only meeting, so UE gets the nine and WSU has the ten seed.
Power Ratings are current as of tonight, and are only applied if the head-to-head results don't break the tie. I've also linked the site that Syc'Em found a week or so ago.

A couple of interesting tid-bits:
1) Creighton has only beaten one team currently ahead of them in the standings, SIU at home.
2)Indiana State has the second most victories over the top five teams in the conference as of now, with 4.

Mathematically we could still end up anywhere from 3rd to 8th, and only Drake has clinched any seed for the tourney.