Vanderbilt Defetas No. 10 Duke, 68-55

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Vanderbilt Defeats No. 10 Duke, 68-55

Vanderbilt Coach Melanie Balcomb made the following statement at tne post-game press conference on the impact of the crowd:

"I thought it was a great environment. This is one of the best environments I've had and I think it made a big impact on the game. I think Duke felt like how we felt at Indiana State. We had not been in that environment. We had players on the floor who had never played in that environment. That's what we kept telling our kids at the timeouts that they have not played in this kind of environment all year. They've been on the road, at neutral courts, and at home but they haven't been in this kind of environment. I think especially down the stretch the crowd was very involved and they made a great sixth man. I think it really helped us a lot."
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