When is fall signing day?

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The Nicks Level
Just curious. I can't wait to see if Miles & Co. can pull another top 10 recruiting class out of their hats this year. A few more of those and we'll be on the way. If the NDSU game is any indication, the young pups might be beginning to get their sea legs...:sycamores::sycamores::sycamores:


Fall signing day? There isn't one.

This year's juniors just got their first scholarships on October 22.

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The All-MVC Level
Let's hope for more big boys--big WRs, big (and fast)RBs, big LBs. And kids that want to do things the right way! Also, I hope some of this years' Freshman get some post-season notice--this will also help with the recruiting.

new sycamore fan

The All-MVC Level
They did that last year--it helped with my son. But what was most important was the opportunity to play right away in a tough conference, and the 2 trips to EMU and NIU (with the talk about Louisville, Tulsa, and possibly Penn State the icing). No-conference games at DePauw or RH would not have brouth him here--he would have gone to Western (to get to go to Arkansas) or to NDSU (Wyoming, Minn). I keep kidding him that he'll be part of the group that will help get the dome built that his younger brother can play in??


The Odum Level
There is talk of another economic stimulus package for communities. If so, the university needs to start working with the city to put in a request for stadium funding.