Will Sycamores defeat Ohio Univeristy?

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If we do we will have to check ESPN for the score. Had it on the Croc for about 15 seconds & then "poof".................gone?


The Nicks Level

Ohio 27
ISU 25

We're hanging in there, and they aren't killing us on the offensive boards. Looks like Jay really came to play - 14 first half points.

Come on guys - JUST WIN BABY!!!



The Menser Level
Rashad Reed has yet to score and the Sycamores are still very much in this game.

Go State!


The Varsity Level
Down by 11, we've gone totally cold again. Can't even hit free throws. We have 3 points in 8 minutes, wow.
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I think this one's over. We closed it to 6 then let Coleman steal it on 3 inbound passes in a row. Down 13 in 50 seconds. So much for the win carrying over.


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It's over, we lose by 12. Couldn't hit the broad side of the barn the second half(except Tunnell and Carter). Couldn't defend them at all. At least we get Harry back for the blowout at Purdue.


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Another tough loss. Seems like with a lot of these teams we're losing too, they have one or two consistent offensive weapons and we don't, that and they have better ball control and rebounding.


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been seeing this kind of stuff too often

from the AP story

"Aaron Carter and Jay Tunnell paced Indiana State (1-7) with 20 points each, but the Sycamores shot just 29 percent in the second half and committed 18 turnovers."