Women's Tourney/St. Charles

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I was just wondering if anyone else went to the women's tourney in St. Charles. Thoughts???

I really like St. Charles and I think it's a good fit for the women's tournament. It's smallish and quiet but still with a lot of things to do and places to eat. The hotel rates are very reasonable and I love that it's still close to St. Louis. My only complaint is that the St. Charles Family Arena didn't live up to my expectations. I thought it was a little dirty and really cramped in there. It made me appreciate our lovely Hulman Center a little bit more :) I would much rather have a neutral site than give one team a home court avantage, though...so I'll deal with it! :bigsmile: All in all, I thought it was an excellent fit for the Valley and the women's tournament. We should feel lucky to have a neutral site for the women!

One more thing that's totally unrelated. Does anyone know if we're going to replace the hideous orange and yellow seats in the upper concourse with the blue & gray?? I love the blue & gray and I think the whole Hulman Center should be ISU colors!

Can't wait for next season!!!! :sycamores:

Sycamore Sam

The Blue Level
St. Charles

The location of the event was great, the arena was horrendous. The "megatron" screen wasn't even worth operating. An average person also wouldn't have realized that there was no place for cheerleaders/sparkettes warm-up or change, no place for Sam to change, no place for Sam to get a break (i.e. water), or a great place to store things. Also, the media room was out in the open (how are reporters supposed to concentrate?). Neutral site, nice. Neutral site not so nice when they don't take care of anyone but the players.:mad:
P.S. It was dirty in that place.


Wow.......................what an addition to a sports message board! Maybe you should go to summer school, etc. to occupy your idle time.


The Odum Level
Sycamore Sam, he wasn't responding to you.

SS, Blue's response was not to your post, but to the "spam" post on the board in this thread. As many can tell, there is alot of spam being posted on this board. The "spam" in this thread was deleted yesterday thankfully.

Hope Svoboda can remedy this big problem.

Were you there?