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  1. T

    Greatest Sycamore Coach

    While I know this could be open for some sizeable debate, especially those who can go back further in history, I would like to know who people feel is the greates coach in Sycamore history. My vote has to be with Bill Hodges simply because of the 1979 team. I know that team was put together by...
  2. IndyTreeFan

    ESPN Greatest College Basketball Players

    ESPN is running a series through the rest of the season, the Greatest College Basketball Players. Anyone care to guess who will be #1??? :bigsmile: I wonder how ISU could use this pub to their benefit??? Someone should be thinking about that...:meditate: :sycamores::sycamores::sycamores:
  3. X

    Greatest Games

    Just a thought... after you get done with the top 5 sycamores... why not the 5 greatest victories in ISU history?