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  1. ISUCC

    The Sports Network Preseason I-AA poll

    I know polls mean nothing, but here is the one most people go by, released today, ISU opponents in bold. I'd say ISU has it's work cut out for them, given they play two I-A teams as well. The only unranked teams on the ISU schedule are SEMO, Mizzou State, and Illinois State. 1. Appalachian...
  2. S

    Hello from SME Network

    Fans, we have just been notified about your message board. SME Network is in our second year and we revolve all programming around NCAA sports not covered by the "Big Networks". We have recently added our conference projections for all of the FCS. If you are interested, check out our site...
  3. S

    Sports Network Lists ISU's Football Recruiting Class Among FCS Best

    For entire story, see Around FCS: The Rich Get Richer By David Coulson, FCS Executive Director Philadelphia (Sports Network) - My e-mail inbox has been overflowing in the past few days with one...
  4. X

    MVC Network?

    Since there seems to be a growing trend towards conferences starting their own cable network, I was curious as to what the opinion of the board faithful would be towards an MVC Network or some sort of combination with another conference? I personally doubt there's much demand for just a MVC...