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  1. ISUCC

    Jordan Fife (07) breaks 4 min. mile!!

    ISU class of 07 runner Jordan Fife broke the 4 min. mile barrier tonight at ND! Still top 10 in the WORLD for an indoor mile for 2008! I will post a race video when it is available! This is unreal! Men 1 Mile Run Meyo NCAA Auto: # 3:59.50 NCAA Prov: ! 4:04.00 Name Year School Finals 1 Bolas...
  2. ISUCC

    Jordan Fife (07) 4:00.13 mile

    here is the youtube video from Jordan's race! So close! He will try again at ND this friday night (2/8/08). Jordan is #9 in the WORLD now for the indoor mile on a 200 meter track! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SUYl5_UTwE