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  1. ISUCC

    UNI punt retrun against ISU 2007

    awesome video of Johnny Gray's punt return for a TD against ISU in ISU's last game, shows how woefully bad ISU's team is. http://youtube.com/watch?v=EqX1Gb3QA8s
  2. S

    ISU Hosts 2007 NCAA Cross Country Championships

    Great day! Nice crowd Two excellent races: one GREAT race. Well-organized and well-managed. The LaVern Gibson Course is universally endorsed as the finest cross country course in America, if not the world, and management of the meet draws plaudits from every corner. It was a great day to be a...
  3. btisu22

    How are your fantasy football teams doing so far here in 2007?

    My main team (money league) is 3-0 and tied for 1st! Injuries are starting to take over though. Bulger is my biggest disappointment thus far. Kitna has now taken his spot the last 2 weeks. Biggest surprise has been Joey Galloway! I meant fantasy in the heading....it won't let me edit it...
  4. Sycamore624

    Season premiere dates for fall 2007 TV shows

    Thursday, Aug. 30 FOX "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" Thursday, Sept. 6 FOX "Don't Forget the Lyrics" Saturday, Sept. 8 FOX "Cops" FOX "Cops" FOX "America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back" Sunday, Sept. 9 NBC "Football Night in America" NBC "Sunday Night Football"...
  5. Jason Svoboda

    Homecoming 2007

    Just curious, but is anyone else going to be attending Homecoming this year? If so, what events do you plan on attending? What after hour festivities?