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  1. BankShot

    All-Time Injured Sycamore Team

    Without career-ending injuries to these guys, Sycamore Hoops could've taken a "higher road" of NCAA basketball. :( Feel free to add to the list: '65 - Ted Sweatt - 6'6" F TH Wiley; died in Vietnam after completing his frosh yr w/ Newsome, Hollenbeck, et al. '70 - Bugsy Humes - 6'0" G Madison...
  2. BallyHooHoo

    All-Time Sycamore team

    Not sure if this topic has been done, just wanted to get your thoughts. I am a Sycamore Newbie...went to state during the late 90's early 2000's so my list may be bias. G Micheal Menser G Nate Green F Larry Bird F Terrance Avery C Jib Kante