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  1. B

    BracketBuster Matchups

    They are announced on Feb. 2nd I think. My guess is we will host either Eastern Illinois (6-10) or Detroit (3-13). Returning the game at Detroit next season would be like playing I.U. again with all of the I.U. rejects sitting out this season after transferring to McCallum and Company...
  2. ISUCC

    ISU at home for bracketbuster 2009

    Indiana State will be a home team for bracketbuster 2009. 2009 ESPNU BRACKETBUSTERS SERIES FIELD HOME TEAMS: ... Ball State, Boston, Bowling Green, Bucknell, Cal Poly, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, Central Michigan, Creighton, Davidson, Drake, Drexel, Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Michigan...
  3. B

    Possible BracketBuster Opponents

    They will be announced on Feb. 2nd & the Sycamores go on the road but will get a regular season return game next season. If it was based strictly on rpi which it is not exactly, we would trip to Wisc-Green Bay of the Horizon League (Sycamores are the 13th ranked road team & Wisc-GB is the 13th...