Possible BracketBuster Opponents

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They will be announced on Feb. 2nd & the Sycamores go on the road but will get a regular season return game next season. If it was based strictly on rpi which it is not exactly, we would trip to Wisc-Green Bay of the Horizon League (Sycamores are the 13th ranked road team & Wisc-GB is the 13th ranked home team). Somebody either on this board or the other ISU board was saying we would play Valpo, but that does not look like a possibility as they are carrying a #6 rpi ranking at the moment. :sycamores:

6 St Mary's
18 Butler
37 Illinois State
45 Ohio
57 CS Northridge
59 Valparaiso
60 Oral Roberts
63 Cleveland State
67 So Illinois
89 Holy Cross
97 Akron
98 Winthrop
100 Wisc-GB
112 Missouri State
114 Appalachian State
116 Utah State
119 Austin Peay
127 East Tn St
129 Bradley
131 New Mexico State
140 No Arizona
143 James Madison
147 Toledo
151 Pacific
153 No Iowa
158 Fresno State
161 CS Fullerton
167 Boise State
174 UC Irvine
176 William & Mary
179 Drexel
180 Old Dominion
193 UNC-Wilmington
196 Buffalo
206 Loyola (Maryland)
213 Murray State
234 Elon
236 Iona
250 Eastern Michigan
253 Towson
256 Manhattan
262 Eastern Kentucky
265 No Illinois
266 Detroit
291 St Peter's
310 UC Riverside
325 Canisius
331 Louisiana Tech
340 Jacksonville State
341 Eastern Illinois

15 Drake
32 Miami (Ohio)
38 Kent State
39 Creighton
56 George Mason
62 Nevada
68 VCU
69 Niagara
74 Georgia Southern
78 Marist
81 Wright State
82 Siena
87 Indiana State
88 UC Santa Barbara
95 Davidson
101 Central Michigan
121 Wisconsin-Milwaukee
139 Illinois-Chicago
144 Wichita State
145 Delaware
156 Rider
157 Northeastern
162 Portland State
178 Youngstown State
184 San Jose State
199 High Point
201 Fairfield
208 Bowling Green
209 Western Michigan
217 SE Missouri State
225 Cal Poly
228 Vermont
230 Evansville
233 Albany
239 Bucknell
241 Morehead State
248 Tennessee-Martin
254 Tennessee State
260 UC Davis
270 Boston University
274 Hofstra
276 Ball State
286 Binghamton
298 Hawaii
299 Loyola (Illinois)
305 Georgia State
307 Tennessee Tech
311 Samford
316 Long Beach State
324 Idaho


The Nicks Level
I wouldn't mind a trip to play Holy Cross. At this point, they're paired up at about the same RPI as us, and they are a high quality program. If we keep winning, we'll get a better opponent than we usually do...here's hoping that happens!!!



OK.......................nobody else wanted to chart it out. Looks like we would matchup now with Austin Peay, Appalachian State or Utah St?

Still time for change in the next couple of weeks.


Latest update:

Most likely opponents now would seem to be Valpo (they have slipped back to the pack from their earlier lower rpi). Other possibles: Winthrop, App. St., Wisc.-Green Bay.

Saturday is when they book it.



The Odum Level
thanks for these updates! we appreciate it!

Latest update:

Most likely opponents now would seem to be Valpo (they have slipped back to the pack from their earlier lower rpi). Other possibles: Winthrop, App. St., Wisc.-Green Bay.

Saturday is when they book it.



As it looks today we might be one of the featured games..........albeit on ESPN 360. I have heard of it but don't really know what or where it is found:

ESPN2 (6)
Drake at Butler
Kent St at St. Mary's
Creighton at Ohio
George Mason at Ill St
VCU at Oral Roberts
Nevada at Akron

ESPN Classic (1)
Davidson at Utah St

Marist at Cleveland St
Miami-OH at Valparaiso
Wright St at Winthrop
UC-Santa Barbara at SIU
Siena at Missouri State

ESPN360 (2)
GA Southern at CS-Northridge
Indiana St at Appalachian St

I also saw where these things are set in stone on Feb. 4, not Feb. 2.

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
I hope it's against a team in an area where ISU recruits...I know that's what CU usually prefers. You can kinda kill 2 birds w/ one stone while down there...plus you can tell the kid they'll be playing against their home town team next season as well. So I'm guessing a midwest matchup would suit ISU best.


My last guess as they start announcing them tomorrow evening:

We go to: Utah State, Appalachian State, Wisc.-Green Bay or Winthrop. I think we should pack the cold gear for a trip north, at least it won't be outside vs. the Packers?


Here are the tv games that will be announced @5:30 tonite:
(Unfortunately, we played our way out of one of them in the last couple of weeks)

Friday, Feb. 22
Marist at Cleveland State
Davidson at Winthrop

Saturday, Feb. 23
VCU at Akron
Siena at Boise State
UW-Milwaukee at Bradley
Drake at Butler
Rider at Cal State Northridge
George Mason at Ohio
Creighton at Oral Roberts
Kent State at Saint Mary's
Nevada at Southern Illinois
UC Santa Barbara at Utah State
Miami (OH) at Valparaiso

Sunday, Feb. 24
Wright State at Illinois State