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  1. S

    St. Louis Roll Call

    So, will anyone here be going to the game on Thursday night? I'm going with a group of students and we're not really sure where (Bar/Restaurant) the ISU crowd goes before the games. I know another student posted on the other board asking for info, so I'm just trying to add to it.
  2. BallyHooHoo

    Venting: How to fix the mess we call Sycamore Basketball

    This is just my take on what the Sycamores could do to return to relevance, because we have to be relevant in the Missouri Valley before we can think about being prominent. 1) We need a system, a system with interchangeable parts, so that when players graduate we know what we need to replace...
  3. H

    Sideline pass for EMU--LAST CALL

    I have one extra all access sideline pass for ISU-EMU. I'll give it to whoever sends me a private message first indicating they would like it. We can meet at the Marriott Yppi before the game or at the game itself. Also, Sapp, myself, and one of Sapps buddies are playing golf at the...
  4. H

    Ypsilanti roll call

    Who else is going? My ol lady is not into football so I am going solo and staying at the Marriott Golf Resort in Ypsilanti Thursday night after the game and playing golf on Friday the 29th then going to the new racetrack 20 minutes away to bet the ponies after that (first post at 2pm or so)...
  5. bent20

    (Volleyball) Call me crazy, but ...

    I don't think I'd want to hire someone with expectations so low that he wants to make a program whose only rivaled by our football team when it comes to losing, his final destination as a coach. Please, by all means, make ISU's volleyball team your spring board. That means you actually have to...
  6. Jason Svoboda

    Why do you suppose they call it Ovaltine?