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  1. T

    boy, its getting close to signing day and everybody's gone

    so what's the scuttlebutt???? any new names???? let's get the chat moving again. did everybody fall asleep in here???? lol
  2. Jason Svoboda

    ISU men close to ending road woes

    No cigar yet. After three straight one-sided Missouri Valley Conference basketball road losses, Indiana State took second-place Illinois State down to the wire on Sunday before losing 65-62. Now the question concerns how that game will translate to tonight?s game in Bradley?s Carver Arena. More...
  3. Jason Svoboda

    Former Indiana State basketball star stays close to the court

    The only place in the Missouri Valley Conference where the traveling press doesn?t sit at courtside is Evansville?s Roberts Stadium. The media has a birds-eye view, sitting in a press box suspended from the ceiling. More...