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  1. S

    Coaching Staff Turning it Around?

    It seems like the coaching staff has finally made a decision to let the boys play. We are playing really good right now. The players seem to have more confidence and we have some good team chemistry. Players are getting to feel comfortable in their roles and there is more balance in our...
  2. T

    any word on coaching staff yet? rumors?

    any word on what's happening on the assistant coach front? any hires? also, is this economic downturn going to effect the building of the new locker room facility and upgrades at memorial stadium?
  3. Jason Svoboda

    McKenna at Palm Springs Coaching Clinic

    Just had this passed on to me, but it appears Coach McKenna was at the Palm Springs Coaching Clinic this past week. Some very good coaches were there and I hope he was able to pick some brains. I've always been a fan of Coach Tim Floyd...