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  1. B

    Pre-Season Big 10 Favorite Drops Exhibition

    Michigan State loses to Grand Valley State in exhibition opener. On any given day......................go figure? Desire and intensity is such a large part to competing particularly for David when going against Goliath! http://msuspartans.cstv.com/sports/m-baskbl/recaps/110307aae.html :sycamores:
  2. Sycamore624

    Favorite Lady Sycamore?

    This is a VERY tough call for me. Who can't love the play and talent of Laura Rudolphi or the hustle and gut efforts of Kelsey Luna, Leah Phillips or Annie Bankhead. I'm also getting fond with Kara Schilli and Maria Olsthoorn. With all that said and my avatar you can probably guess I'm picking...