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  1. Jason Svoboda

    Melanie Boeglin to join Indiana State women's basketball's staff

    The Indiana State women?s basketball program received word of an early Christmas gift Wednesday. Melanie Boeglin, one of the best players in Indiana State women?s basketball history, said she is done pursuing a professional basketball career and will join coach Jim Wiedie?s staff as a graduate...
  2. ISUCC

    Melanie Boeglin Returns To Indiana State

    per the tribstar and the ISU site, this has to be a good thing, esp. if she has eligibility left!!
  3. Jason Svoboda

    NEW: Melanie Boeglin returns to ISU as women's basketball graduate assistant

    Indiana State head women's basketball coach Jim Wiedie announced this afternoon the addition of former Sycamore standout Melanie Boeglin to the program as a graduate assistant. More...