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  1. ISUCC

    09 MLB Brandon Foster (Scout)

    has an offer from ISU per, he's from Gibson Southern
  2. S

    Mitch Stetter Has Great Outing

    Mitch came in for the Brewers with the bases loaded and nobody out in the sixth inning against the Marlins. He struck out the third and fourth place hitters in the Marlins batting order and the third batter fouled out. He pitched only the one inning
  3. Sycamore624

    Official Clint Barmes Thread

    Here I'll keep eveyone updated on the latest news on former ISU standout and now Colorado Rockie infielder Clint Barmes.
  4. G


    Might as well throw out the 3rd team, any reds fans out there? Opening day is monday and the division is wide open, thats something to be excited about!!!!
  5. btisu22

    How about some Cardinal fans!!!!

    Looking for some other St. Louis Cardinals fans to chat with!
  6. Jason Svoboda

    Any Cubs fans?

    Do we have any Cubs fans per chance? If so, I've started a Cubs forum and we're looking for more members. Only 15 days until opening day!
  7. btisu22

    Who is you NFL, MLB, NBA, Nascar, ect...favorites?

    Colts............NFL:footballhelmet: Cardinals......MLB:baseball: Celtics..........NBA (If I Ever watch that garbage):violent: Tony Stewart..Nascar Notre Dame..NCAA 1A Football I love the IRL racing, but no favorite drivers