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  1. T

    Does anybody remember Larry Bird's dedication of an NBA title to Terre Haute?

    What with the Lakers and Celtics renewing their NBA Finals history tonight, I just wonder if anybody remembers when Boston beat LA for the NBA title the first time when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were playing? Bird dedicated the title to Terre Haute in the post-game interview on TV, saying...
  2. Sycamore624

    Hey gang, remember me?

    Sorry it's been so long but went through a very rough peroid of my life and now the Ney Year is here so it's a fresh start. Sorry I been slacking and I promise you things will pick up around here very soon. GO TREES!
  3. Sycamore624

    Remember David Moss?

    Got in contact with him via the internet and he will be stopping soon to check us out. Let's make him feel welcome when he does. Kid had a great career at ISU!
  4. btisu22

    Do you remember.....

    When during the starting lineups or when the men came out from the tunnel the long ISU rug? I wonder if there are any pics with that rug?