Does anybody remember Larry Bird's dedication of an NBA title to Terre Haute?

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What with the Lakers and Celtics renewing their NBA Finals history tonight, I just wonder if anybody remembers when Boston beat LA for the NBA title the first time when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were playing?

Bird dedicated the title to Terre Haute in the post-game interview on TV, saying that he felt like he had led the city down during the 1979 NCAA title game matchup with Johnson's
Michigan State team.

I recall that the city went ga-ga for Larry all over again after that. They had a parade for him and a rally at Fairbanks Park.

Oh, those were the days!!!!


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"...but I won this one for Terre Haute..."

Cementing his status as a local icon for centuries to come...

Now, if we could just get his help with recruiting...:)


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I was watching and couldn't believe what I had just heard!!! I remember sitting at the park with my green Celtics shirt on! What a time it was!!!!:meditate:
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Do you remember when LB speaking at a Boston pep rally said "Moses Malone eats s..................t"


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i do remember....

...larry speaking to the crowd at hulman center when the team got back from salt lake city, after the ncaa title game, when he made a funny comment about former isu player and at that time assistant coach danny king. the comment had something to do with the name of both bird's and king's hometown. and the whole thing was being televised state-wide on channel 4, without a bleep button. it was pretty good.