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  1. Daveinth

    forget McKenna fire the rest of the staff

    Facts are this we cant rebound, we cant take care of the ball, regardless of what system we have if you turn the ballover or continue to get dominated by teams inside the wins will never come . these problems are the reults of poor assistant coaches. who ever is in charge of these major areas...
  2. ISUCC

    Expectations for the rest of the season?

    ok, so now that ISU's best chance for a win has gone by the wayside, what can we expect for the rest of the season? How do we measure progress? 8 games left (4 home, 4 away) and the schedule just got exponentially 10x more difficult. I can't see any wins on the schedule. according to the Trib...
  3. ISUCC

    rest of the season.......

    Looking at the schedule and current record, ISU needs to finish 18-8 the rest of the season to get to .500 overall. Not sure I can see this happening. Anyone else think they can do it?? Pitching is NOT good at all, if they had some better relief pitching and just more consistency in general it'd...
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Lou West hopes to coach again down the road; will support team, son rest of season

    Lou West doesn?t know what job he will perform to fulfill the remaining two-plus years of his five-year contract with Indiana State University. More...