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  1. M

    MVC Tournament --- Suite for Session 1

    I am a Creighton fan. I have a private lower level suite for the Thursday games (Session 1) of the Missouri Valley Conference Basketball Tournament. This suite is located around section 104/105 and comes with 16 tickets. The suite has a private restroom, 2 TV's, wet bar and refrigerator...
  2. ISUCC

    All session tickets sold by school for MVC tourney

    I stole this from Cpacmel on valleytalk, not too many ISU fans planning to be in St. Louis, but more than last season. Isn't St. Louis just 3 hrs. from TH?? Bradley - 1000 (500) Creighton - 1559 (1442) Drake - 290 (100) Evansville - 275 (191) Illinois State - 604 (216) Indiana State - 150...