All session tickets sold by school for MVC tourney

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The Odum Level
I stole this from Cpacmel on valleytalk, not too many ISU fans planning to be in St. Louis, but more than last season. Isn't St. Louis just 3 hrs. from TH??

Bradley - 1000 (500)
Creighton - 1559 (1442)
Drake - 290 (100)
Evansville - 275 (191)
Illinois State - 604 (216)
Indiana State - 150 (106)
Missouri State - 505 (677)
Northern Iowa - 650 (399)
Southern Illinois - 1734 (1579)
Wichita State - 1125 (2574*)
TOTALS -- 7892 (7,784)

Last year's FINAL TOTALS ()
* for record most tickets by MVC school

Also of note: (Drake has requested 500 more tickets and expects to sell them). Eight of our 10 have increased the number of tickets they sold this year from last (only Missouri
State and Wichita State have currently sold less than a year ago).

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Those are some very interesting numbers...WSU surprises me some. That's a drastic decrease. MSU doesn't surprise me that much at all...people down in Springfield are getting tired of Barry coming up short.

Pun intended.