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  1. C

    2 MVC All-Session tickets for sale

    I come in peace. Though after you guys beat my Redbirds not once....but twice, maybe I should re-think that. :evileye: We have 2 extra MVC All-Session tickets that we are trying to sell in case anyone is looking for any last second. They are in section 123, which is the Illinois State...
  2. ISUCC

    free tickets for the ISU vs. ISU showdown

    I was carousing around the Illinois State site and they are giving away free tickets to the big showdown in B/N this weekend. I know ISU's women's team usually has a good traveling crowd, so hopefully there is alot of Blue in the stadium too. the game is also on ESPNU I see...
  3. ISUCC

    all-session tickets sold for MVC tourney

    copied this from VT, not much interest from ISU fans to head to St. Louis in March. All Session tickets sold (Pre-Sale thru 1/1/09) Creighton - 1550 SIU - 1100 Illinois State - 1000 Bradley - 760 WSU - 630 Drake - 500 MO State - 380 UE - 300 UNI - 300 Indiana State - 104
  4. Bally #50

    Out-of-Towners Tickets STILL AVAILABLE!

    FREE TICKETS are still available for tomorrow's ILL State-IND State basketball game and the 4th Annual Out-Of-Towner's Classic sponsored by the Bally and the ISU Indy Alumni Chapter. If you haven't reserved and want tickets, contact me at [email protected] Friday night and I'll hold some...
  5. ISUCC

    All session tickets sold by school for MVC tourney

    I stole this from Cpacmel on valleytalk, not too many ISU fans planning to be in St. Louis, but more than last season. Isn't St. Louis just 3 hrs. from TH?? Bradley - 1000 (500) Creighton - 1559 (1442) Drake - 290 (100) Evansville - 275 (191) Illinois State - 604 (216) Indiana State - 150...
  6. B

    Season Tickets

    Anyone receive their season tickets yet? Thursday is coming on quick & I have not seen mine yet; ordered them right after Labor Day weekend. :sycamores: