all-session tickets sold for MVC tourney

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The Odum Level
copied this from VT, not much interest from ISU fans to head to St. Louis in March.

All Session tickets sold (Pre-Sale thru 1/1/09)

Creighton - 1550
SIU - 1100
Illinois State - 1000
Bradley - 760
WSU - 630
Drake - 500
MO State - 380
UE - 300
UNI - 300
Indiana State - 104


The Nicks Level
At this point, why waste the money??? Maybe they'll make some strides to get a little interest generated, but right now, in this economy, not many people are going to go see a team that's playing like ours...:(


The Odum Level
Makes me wonder if the other Universities athletic office made purchases on behalf of each University and Indiana State is yet to do so at this point? We are more worried about having our powder blue jerseys on. That was a joke I loved the unis.