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  1. I

    Antonio Wilson Highlight Mixtape

    Highlight mixtape of 6'8" PF Antonio "Tony" Wilson of North Side HS (2011). He went to Elmhurst HS last year and was selected to be an Indiana Junior All - Star. Follow us on twitter!!! More to come!
  2. SycamoreStateofMind

    State of Local High School Hoops Best Ever?

    Is high school basketball as good as it has ever been in the Wabash Valley? The talent level might not be as high, but I can't recall in my "short" life as many local teams sharing so much team success. It was quite evident during this years Pizza Hut Classic that basketball in the Wabash Valley...
  3. T

    Indiana high school coaches who are isu alums

    HEAD COACHES -- Brian Lewis-Ev. Harrison Jeff Miller-Norwell Doug Hurt- Castle Chris Barrett-TH North Phil Teegarden- Elkhart Memorial Don Hitz-Tell City Terry Siddall - Danville Tim Roth-Winamac Greg Barrett-North Putnam Mike Johnson-Pioneer Hank Lopez-Riverton Parke ASSISTANT COACHES --...
  4. Jason Svoboda

    ISU's Hutson shatters own school pole vault record

  5. ISUCC

    All session tickets sold by school for MVC tourney

    I stole this from Cpacmel on valleytalk, not too many ISU fans planning to be in St. Louis, but more than last season. Isn't St. Louis just 3 hrs. from TH?? Bradley - 1000 (500) Creighton - 1559 (1442) Drake - 290 (100) Evansville - 275 (191) Illinois State - 604 (216) Indiana State - 150...
  6. Jason Svoboda

    Former T-S girls high school hoops Player of the Year Emily Maggert plays tonight for

    Former Tribune-Star Wabash Valley girls high school basketball Player of the Year Emily Maggert plays tonight for Ball State in Hulman Center against Indiana State. More...
  7. Sycamore624

    Local High School Football scores (10-5)
  8. BallyHooHoo

    What school would you love to see ISU add to the regular schedule

    I would love to see them add Dayton for a battle of I70. It is a winnable yet challenging game and coudl really build a rival and tap into a recruiting area that has some talent.:sycamores:
  9. Sycamore624

    Wanna show your high school colors?

    Just found a very cool site while surfing the net. You can go there and find your high school and custom order a wide selection of clothing and have several differant designs to choose from...very neat! They need a college site like this!
  10. Jason Svoboda

    Prominent high school programs to build pipelines

    If I had one complaint about Royce, and I've stated this before, it is his lack of activity in the Indianapolis recruiting community especially with his ties to Indianapolis when he was a coach at the University of Indianapolis. There are several prominent programs in the state of Indiana in...