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  1. Jason Svoboda

    Sunday Special: Green light leads to power surge for ISU

    From the recreational leagues in Mission Viejo, Calif., where she started playing softball at age 5?Through her high school career at Capo Valley? More...
  2. B

    ISU-UNI.........Game #3 - Sunday

    Panthers win 6-2 taking the last two of the series. UNI now 5-1 MVC & Sycamores 4-5. It's not going to get any easier!
  3. Jason Svoboda

    Sunday Special: ISU hopes 1990s standout Shannon Jackson can step in and fix Sycamore

    When Shannon Jackson played defensive line for Indiana State?s football team from 1996 through 1999, the worst record he experienced in a season was 3-8. More...
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Sunday Special: ISU baseball shakes off winter to warm up

    With matchups against three of the top six teams in the nation, Indiana State has a nonconference schedule that could probably rivalry most teams in the nation. More...
  5. Jason Svoboda

    Sunday Special: Miles: ?We can compete to win this conference?

    During a 30-minute interview with Indiana State football coach Trent Miles on Friday, nothing illustrated Miles? unwavering belief in the future success of ISU football more than an exchange near the end of the question-and-answer session. More...
  6. S

    Feature Story in Sunday's Louisville Courier-Journal about ISU Recruit

    Great publlicity for the athlete, family and ISU. WOW!!
  7. B

    2nd Exhibition - Next Sunday

    Go live and support the Sycamores vs. Nebraska-Kearney. Game starts @1:00 p.m. Time to show up large and still get home or somewhere to see the Colts-Patriots @4:15 p.m. :sycamores: GO SYCAMORES!
  8. Jason Svoboda

    Sunday Special: Prettyman excited about ISU?s future

    The transitional period is over for Indiana State Director of Athletics Ron Prettyman. When hired in July 2005, Prettyman made it clear that he intended to use his first year to get the lay of land vis a vis ISU athletics. His second year was making changes he deemed necessary to get ISU on the...