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  1. S

    ISU at WSU

    Anyone know where to get a live video feed of this game other than Shockernet?
  2. ISUCC

    WSU beats MSU!

    Wow, what a GREAT game, WSU came back and hit a 3 with 6 seconds left to beat MSU by ONE point tonight in Wichita, this really helps us out as it puts MSU at 3-11 in MVC play. ISU has just GOT to beat Drake Weds. night! come on guys get fired up and BEAT DRAKE!! We just can't finish in 10th place!
  3. ISUCC

    softball - ISU vs WSU

    Sycamores win game 1 of the DH today 1-0 on a 1st inning home run that stood up the entire game, WSU loaded the bases in the 7th, but could not score to tie it up. good work! How about a report Syc-em.....
  4. ISUCC

    ISU vs WSU at ISU invitational

    well, the 7th annual ISU invitational gets underway Thursday night vs. a newer opponent in WSU. Given the 2 recent blowout losses suffered by ISU I think WSU will handily win this one, but will still be hopeful for an ISU win. Jay Tunnell not playing could hurt too. We'll see?? From ISU...
  5. ISUCC

    Anatomy of ISU's comeback win over WSU

    good insight from Todd Golden in the Trib Star! Worth reading AND watching on Sycamore Vision if you can!! Thanks Todd!! :sycamores:
  6. ISUCC

    ISU at WSU

    big game for the women in Kansas tonight! Need a win against the winless (in mvc play) Shockers!! from the media :sycamores: