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The Nicks Level
Boy has this place been dead this week. Come on folks, surely there's something we can talk about, right???

How about this - now that Harry's back, we'll win our last two non-cons, and then start 5-0 in the MVC.

Discuss? Anyone? Bueller...?



The Varsity Level
Winning the two non-conference games would be great and there is a chance of that happening, but 5-0 in the conference may be a stretch :)


The Menser Level
I've lowered my expectations due to the contributions we must have from first-year players. I would be thrilled with .500 in the conference. Does anyone think that's possible? Hey, I'd be satisfied with less as long as we finish strong relative to where we are now.


The Menser Level
I'm on board with winning our last 2 non-conference games and then startin out 5-0 in the Valley.



The Odum Level
well, 5 of the first 8 MVC games are at ISU, so I am not sure what to think, I hope the team figures things out in the next 2 games so they can at least start strong in MVC play. UNI isn't exactly setting the world on fire, Creighton is inconsistent so hopefully ISU will win at least one of those games. ISU has beaten CU at TH the past 2 seasons I think, so maybe that trend will hold?

I'd be happy with 4 wins in the first 8 games, based on what I've seen out of this team so far this year.