Louisville Early Dec. Basketball "Marathon"

This was posted on the other Sycamore board:

Found on the Louisville fan message board that their schedule for the 3-game round robin reads as follows:

12/6 vs. Indiana State
12/7 vs. Ohio Univ.
12/8 vs. Lamar

I guess ours would be 12/6 Louisville, 12/7 Lamar & 12/8 Ohio U. ?



The Varsity Level
I live in Louisville and can't wait for this. A lot of my friends are Louisville fans and my wife was a rower at Louisville, so the smack talk has already begun!


The Odum Level
Is Louisville supposed to be pretty good this year? I know they're always strong, but that's it.
Louisville is not top 25 but TOP 10 in pre-season polls......................#6 seems to be the consensus! Sure would be nice to show well in the "Ville".


The Varsity Level
The Cards are stacked this year. They have an amazing recruiting class coming in and a loaded group coming back. It's a shame that the new arena isn't built yet, it would be nice to see the trees play there.