Memorial stadium in bad shape

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So the state-of-the-art, ahead-of-its-time field is now falling apart? Seems like it should have lasted longer.
Bad Turf and injuries

I didn't realize it was in such bad shape, hopefully noone winds up w/ a season ending injury, but it sounds like it may happen. ]

I know of at least four players that have had season ending injuries while paracticing on this sorry excuse for a playing field. I am not a doctor but several of these were ACl knee injuies. These types of injuries have been linked to artificial turf. if this is indeed case the field needs to be repaired NOW!! I.U. was able to replace their field quickly so it can be done. How many injuries is it going to take to realize this turf is UNSAFE! We arer putting our future which is bright in jeopardy with these conditions. I do not want to sound like an alarmist but i worry about the safety of this field. It may have been great at one time but that was an eternity ago. BTW I have been on this field and I have seen this firsthand. Does anyone else feel like I do??
You are Right the field is in poor condition. The University and the Athletic Dept are strapped for money. They both would like to have replaced the artificial turf (and Memorial Stadium) yesterday. Lack of $$ just won't let that happen. ...HOWEVER, you blamed "season ending knee injuries" on artificial turf, wrote of IU's field (artificial turf) being laid quickly. BUT it's more of the same. It's artifical turf! We can repair and / or replace our playing surface. If we replace our current artificial turf with NEW artifical turf it will NOT stop the knee injuries of which you wrote, because whether it's OLD artifical turf or NEW artifical turf, it's still artifical turf and it will still cause knee, ankle,and toe injuries plus staf infections.
Come on, doesn't anyone out there know someone with a HUGE checkbook that would like to have a stadium named after them??? I want our team in a new, state of the art facility!!!! Might as well act like a D-I program if we're going to be one...


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