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Hugh McAwesome
Just one more reason (as if I don't have enough) to hate Kentucky. Some of the most self absorbed fans in the history of the game. I don't know how the IU and UK fans can all fit into the same building every year with all the swelled heads. I would never allow my kids to play at UK, just for this very reason. I know every team has its "bad eggs", but UK fans are never happy. They criticize everything, and I for one am loving watching them struggle this year and really praying the don't make the tourny at all. They need a reality check, and sitting out the dance for a year (or twenty) is well deserved. The kid will be more than welcome here at State, where he can wear a better shade of blue.


The Captain Level
I'm not surprised by the story. That is what UK fans are all about.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I look for all the positives in a potential ISU player. Matter of fact, I try to ignore the players weaknesses or say "He'll get better, he's only a high-school player." The bottom line is, the coaches know much more than us "messageboarders".


The Varsity Level
Hey Blue, if it's ok, can I post that over at Vallytalk. We just had a thread about that a few weeks back and some said that message boards have nothing to do with landing a recruit.:krazy: