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Hugh McAwesome
As bad as the Butler game was, we need to move on. The season doesn't stop to give much time for reflection. Tomorrow is North Texas, and does anyone know anything about this team? I know they went to the tournament last year and lost to Memphis, and it seems like they are a pretty high scoring team. Beat Ok State the other night and have heard there arena is a tough place to play. Have a lot of seniors and juniors on the roster, but don't know how many of them contribute. Anyone else know anything.....
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The Menser Level
It's early, but they are about 6 pts over us in Sagarin. With home court, I'd say we'd do well to stay within 10. They won the Sun Belt last year. Sounds like another tough opponent.


It will be a tough road game but I would expect dramatic improvement (large baby steps) over the effort at Butler. If we don't win I would guess it would be a whole lot closer.