Nate Blank and Gardner-Webb Upset No. 20 Kentucky at Lexington, 84-68

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Gardner Webb Season Tickets Arrived

in yesterday's mail!!! Talk about timing.

Yes, I am also a member of the Running Bulldog Club.

I live some 300 miles from campus but that does not deter GWU from sending season tickets (3) to donors to try to get more people into the stands.

I expect the crowd in Boiling Springs will be a little bigger for the home opener against North Greenville Univ. on the 13th.

Seriously, if there are any folks who are in the area and wanting to use these tickets, it is just too far for me to get there. Might be some people who are interested in what a non-BCS team that beat Ky on its home floor for the first time in 5-6 seasons would look like or perhaps someone from the TH area wanting to see Nate Blank and the other Indiana kid (Grayson Flittner, Tipton, 22 pts vs Ky) play.

The tickets only have a face value of $7.00 each and I am sure they are available at the door but if someone is looking for free ones, let me know.