Online radio?

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Hugh McAwesome
Use this address to get to the Miami U Website

Then click on Audio/Video and you can listen to the game online and see the live stats. I hope it works. It costs a couple of bucks though, since everything else at Miami of Ohio costs more than it should, why not charge for the airwaves too.
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Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Thanks appears as though the audio costs money as you get prompted to enter your password and ID once you click the listen live tab. Guess I'll just "watch" the gametracker...old school watching of the game.


The Nicks Level
Eddie, go to and you can listen to the game. I'm listening as I type this, after a Gabe Moore layup (and foul), and it's 8-2 ISU. Stinson has 6.

Good listening!!!


The Odum Level
just saw on yahoo it was a 16 point loss for ISU, don't know anything else???