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Excerpts from Statesman article about the Presidential names yet.

"One candidate is a sitting president of another university, one is a provost and one is termed a non-traditional candidate" said Ron Carpenter, trustee and chair of the presidential search committee.

"The end result will depend a lot on what we consider to be the most important factor," Beacon said. "Are we looking for greater presence across the state, engagement in the day-to-day operations of the university or a combination of both? A couple are very strong in the first two, but we have to figure out which one can do both."

I really hope this search produces someone with a vision for the university to grow and prosper, not downsize into a liberal arts school.
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If the act of revealing names was going to be a problem, and the search firm hired by ISU said it would be, the Board should have stood up to public pressure and done the right thing. By trying to make everyone feel good, they very well may have cost themselves a couple of excellent candidates.

Well, looks like we're back to the ISU way of doing things...:eek7:
Posted on the other ISU board...

#1 candidate was non-traditional, wanted the job and was willing to take a $300,000 cut to take the job (he would have been GREAT for ISU)...his employer gave him a $750,000 raise to stay. So he understandably withdrew his name.
#2 candidate accepted another presidency.
#3 candidate (a woman from a school almost ISU's size) is the current #1...if she doesn't take our Presidency the Trustees will start a new search.

This hire is so critical to ISU's future. I really don't have a good feeling about this. If the board/committee f:censored:s this up, we should just merge with IVY Tech and be done with it. ISU just doesn't get it...and possibly never will.
sports-minded president

let's hope that whoever they hire as isu's next president will be more of a richard landini in terms of sports rather than a john moore or lloyd benjamin.

isu needs a president that understands having a strong intercollegiate athletics program -- from football to women's golf -- is integral in the building of a strong collegiate community.

landini was great for athletics for the most part. isu needs a landini or someone like former rose-hulman president sam hulbert.