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Lights Out

The Sycamore Level
First of all the attendance was horrible. I really expected there to be more people there, but hopefully that is not a sign of things to come. People need to come out and watch this team play. Now to the good news. This team has some talent. This is by far the best talent an ISU team has had from top to bottom in the last 10 years. There are at least 10 guys that can contribute on any given night and help the team win. The other thing I noticed is that it seems like the players and coaches are enjoying themsleves MUCH more this year than in the past. Here are a few thoughts on each player:

#3 Adam Arnold - Looks to again be a solid contributor on the defensive end along with solid rebuilding skills. For what he lacks in size he makes up for it in effort. If he can shoot the ball consistently, it will be huge for the Sycamores.

#43 Kennan Barlow - If all walk-ons are this good, then your program is solid. Barlow showed he can shoot the outside shot and rebound, while bringing alot of athleticism to the floor. Still very raw on ball handling and passing, but could be a solid player in the future.

#32 Aaron Carter - Look for this kid to be a starter from the get - go. He appears to be the silent assasin, because he can shoot the ball tremendously well. The suprising thing is how well he goes to the basket and finishes (dunks). He seems to be comfortable in the offense and knows what is going on. I would not be suprised if average 8-10 pts a game as Frosh.

#5 Cole Holmstrom - Looked great shooting the ball last night and did an excellent job with the catch and shoot off of screens. Ball handling has improved and the intensity on defense has gotten better too. Look for him to not be on as short of leash as he was on last year.

#11 Lamar Lee - For a guy who didn't play high school basketball last year, he was impressive. Probably not ready to deal with D 1 point guards guarding him, but he will defintely be a player to watch in the future.

#0 Brant Leitnaker - Big body, who is improving. Just not real polished inside on offense.

#23 Harry Marshall - Looks bigger than he did last season. He is defintiely bringing defensive intensity this season. Played some PG last night, so I am assuming the coaches are looking for him to the handle the ball more this season.

#21 Isiah Martin - This could be the X factor. Tremendous athletic ability and is very skilled for a big guy. The question is whether he can play defense without fouling and be a contributor on offense without turning it over. There is no doubt he could help this team on both sides of the court, because his wing span will allow him to block a lot of shots.

#34 Todd McCoy - As a Senior we need him to be the glue to keep everyone together. He is going to have to score some nights and just be a role player who plays defense and rebounds the next night. McCoy could be a very versiatile player for the Sycamores if he accepts his role.

#1 Gabe Moore - Along with McCoy has to be the leader of this team. Will be good ball handler and good on the ball defender. He must however be able to create on his own, and will probably be the guy to take the big shot. If he can lead the Sycamore could be very successful this year.

#24 Jordan Printy - Can flat out shoot the rock. Will need to adjust to the college game on defense and ball handling, but will be able to come against a zone and hit the three ball.

#25 Marico Stinson - Rico just needs to be consistent. There is no doubt he can shoot the lights out and score in bunches. I think he could thrive in McKenna's system, if he wants to. Look to see Marico score 20 one game and then put up 4 pts in the next.

#44 Jay Tunnell - If Jay can stay healthy, he will be a solid inside presence for the Sycamoers. He is skilled with the ball and has developed more of a feel for postioning down on the low block. Should be a 12 pts 7 reb player night in and night out.

# 50 Mick Yelovich - Mick has improved since last year, but he must accept his role on the team. We need him to play defense and rebound, not shoot 3's. If he can be a solid role player, it will make this team better.

All in all this is going to be an exciting year for the Sycamores, they will improve on last year's record, and hopefully can get an NIT bid. The only major problem I see with this team is there really isn't a go to guy. There are alot of guys who can shoot and score, but it remains to be seen as to who will carry the Sycamores when the going gets tough.......

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
That was an encouraging read...I had heard the freshmen played well last night. Just need to keep the intensity going and not be complacent or satisfied w/ one night's performance. The guys need to stay hungry throughout the season.

Thanks for the analysis.


The Wade Level
Great recap Lights Out and welcome to the site! I agree with Revolution that some of the attendance was due to the lack of advertising the event. I don't belive it was ever in the Trib Star and I know it wasn't the day of the event anywhere because I looked. The potential is there for a exciting and surprising season. This is one of the most talented and by far most athletic teams at ISU in a long time. It will take some adjusting for the players when game time comes against another team but that's what the two exhibition games are for coming up. The one thing that really gets me oh is the lack of advertising and promoting by the ISU Athletic Office.

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
It was definitely in the website...maybe a follow-up blurb on the front page of the sports section would have been in order to remind folks.

That's ok though...winning will bring the fans and I have faith that things will get turned around and fan participation will increase accordingly. Coach McKenna has done it before on a smaller level at DII UN-Omaha and he can do it again at Terre Haute.

Blue Streaker

The Varsity Level
I agree with most of what LO said above, however sitting near the blue bench, Coach was very often upset with the transition D of the Blue Team. This is going to be a very fun team to watch develop. My evaluation of Martin is a little different, but I will agree he is an X Factor. He could be the best athletic big man ISU has had in a long time, I just hope he can develop better than Daron Evans. I think that Aaron Carter might already be my favorite player (what a complete player).

On a side note, it is always a pleasure to watch Michael Menser play, he has great instincts and was very good at mentoring and leading the white team last night.
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Great reporting Lights Out. You are one heck of an observer. If you are not a sports reporter or a coach, you might want to think about those areas in the future.