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The Wade Level
Hey gang! Sorry I haven't been around like I needed to be lately but life has been pretty crazy lately. Just wanted to let all of our great new members and the familiar screen names I know that I'm currently trying to get ahold of Svoboda to learn more about updating the main page. Once I learn a few tricks I'll get the standings and other stuff updated ASAP. I'm also planing on re-connecting with some of my sources inside ISU sports for some cool projects and insider news. For those that remember the Q&A Session with former Sycamore standout David Moss I will be bringing that back and re-opening the questions since we have alot of new active members. Hang with me over the next few days to a week as I get things updated and going strong again. Thanks to all those that have kept this the place for ISU fans to discuss thier beloved Trees! :sycamores:

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Fire-dude, I really like this site. Keep it updated, and it's a great one. Looking forward to being here for a long time!!!


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I just started a new topic on the Baseball Forum. Is there anyway that we can make it so that the recent replies on both baseball and football show up on the Main Site Index?