Special MBB Ticket Offer for Vigo County Residents Nov. 30

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The All-American Level

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - For Indiana State men's basketball's upcoming game against Drake on Nov. 30, Vigo County residents are encouraged to purchase $8 upper bowl tickets using promo code VIGO and $3 of each ticket sale will go toward the Optimist Club of Terre Haute Clothe-A-Child Initiative.



The Sycamore Level
This is the most unusual promotion that I have ever heard of. The price for tickets in the upper bowl is 6 dollars. But we will let Vigo County residents pay 8 dollars this night. 3 dollars will go to Optimist Club or Clothe a Child. Both of which are great initiatives. Come on ISU if it is a true promotion, let residents in for 3 dollars and place donation boxes around the outer concourse of the arena. I believe many more people would be willing to donate than to pay a higher price for an individual ticket.


The Sycamore Level
I went on gosycamores.com and upper bowl tickets are listed at 6 dollars. It does not mention adult or child. The 6 dollars is actually an increase from several years of being 5 dollars.


The Varsity Level
That's a starting at price. When you click the seat you choose adult or child. I guess an adult could get in with a child's ticket. I've sat in the same corner upper bowl seat for years...always been 8 at the door


The Sycamore Level
Either way, I just think ISU can do a better job of enticing fans to the games. There should be a discount at every game for either certain counties or organizations. I know winning will eventually attract people.


The Sycamore Level
I can never get the ISU ticket website to work...got fleeced on ticketmaster for these that I mistakenly ordered. Mine were 25.oo for 2 tickets with all the damn fees!! The ticket says 9.95 on the face. They're upper bowl seats. If someone wants to buy mine, (see thread, asking 15.oo for them) I'll donate ALL of it to the Clothe A Child fund.