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  1. Daveinth

    MVC In the Bracket Buster

    As best as I can find it appears that the MVC went 7-2 in Bracket Buster competition yesterday . With Northern Iowa and SIU being the two losing teams. I could not find anything on Ill State playing . Did they chose to stay our of the Bracket Buster the way we did a couple of years ago? 7-2 is...
  2. T

    MVC Bracket Buster Match Ups

    I thought the Bracketbuster games originated on the premise to help benefit the non bcs schools by aiding with tv time, higher rpi rankings and match comparable opponents to increase S.O.S. A-10- RPI 7 (NOT PARTICAPATING) MVC- RPI 8 ALL TEAMS West Coast – RPI 12 St.Marys Gonzaga (NOT...