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  1. ISUCC

    it's finally official, we're the worst

    with WSU's win over Illinois State and MSU's pounding of Drake ISU has officially sunk all the way to the bottom of the MVC. We'll be listed in last with our overall record being so utterly dreadful. But we belong there, so we can't complain. UNI beats Bradley and now sits with a 2 game lead...
  2. Jason Svoboda

    Relief finally arrives in ISU baseball?s comeback win

    Relief didn?t come right away for the Indiana State baseball team, but it did come. That alone was cause for celebration for an embattled ISU bullpen. A come-from-behind 10-6 victory Wednesday at Eastern Illinois was the reward. More...
  3. Jason Svoboda

    Finally moved into my new house!

    Finally closed on a 2nd house (some of you may be familiar with the first story) and anyhow, I need to purchase a water softener. Do any of you have any suggestions on those? I keep getting referred to Culligan and Kinetco. Anyone have experience with either?