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  1. bent20


    So given that attendance was up earlier in the year what are the chances more people actually go inside and watch the game this season? Will the enthusiasm still be there after this string of blowout losses? I hope it is, but won't be surprised if it's not.
  2. Jason Svoboda

    Rain doesn?t dampen ISU homecoming

    It rained on Indiana State and Wichita State?s baseball parade during Friday?s Missouri Valley Conference series opener, but a familiar ray of sunshine was all smiles along the first base line at Sycamore Field. More...
  3. G

    Homecoming Weekend!

    What are everyones plans for the upcoming weekend? Anyone from out of town heading back to the HAUTE for the weekend? I will be making the trip down from INDY on friday night, who is playing at the BALLY on saturday night?
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Homecoming 2007

    Just curious, but is anyone else going to be attending Homecoming this year? If so, what events do you plan on attending? What after hour festivities?