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  1. Jason Svoboda

    Execution is key for ISU football in final scrimmages

    When Indiana State linebacker Darrell Ricker intercepted a Matt Seliger pass and ran it back for a touchdown during a practice drill on Wednesday, you?d think by watching the jubilant reaction that the Sycamores had just won the Missouri Valley Football Conference title. More...
  2. Jason Svoboda

    Stronger play from Rudolphi key for Sycamores

    The key for Indiana State tonight in the Missouri Valley Conference women?s basketball game of the week will be the battle in the paint, where the Sycamores were outscored 36-18 in the previous matchup at Illinois State. More...
  3. S

    What Happened to Key Softball Recruits?

    The ISU softball team open its 2008 season Feb. 22 in New Mexico, I believe. While checking the roster and schedule online, I noticed that the names of three key freshmen are missing: Abby Calloway of Martinsville; Ashlee Clendenden of Pendleton Heights; and Alyssa Heller of Cedar Falls, Iowa...
  4. B

    A Key Stat Last Night

    Not the only one but a very important one: Turnovers ? SIU 12, ISU 6. And those six turnovers are for a 50 MINUTE GAME against a tough defensive team! :sycamores::cheers: