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  1. Jason Svoboda

    Where are they now? Trent Wurtz

    Trent is playing in Denmark for SISU Copenhagen in the Basketligaen league. I wasn't able to find any stats, but it looks like he is substitute teaching when he isn't playing ball.
  2. Jason Svoboda

    Where are they now? Kelyn Block

    Block played for Reims Champagne Basket (France) this past year and did very well, dropping in over 16ppg. Check out the video for some pics and video.
  3. Jason Svoboda

    Where are they now? Djibril Kante

    Djibril Kante is an overseas basketball vet these days and is currently playing for El Nacional Monte Hermoso based out of Buenos Aries, Argentina. His last game out, per my bad foreign language skills, Kante had 21 points.
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Where are they now? Lamar Grimes

    Figured this would be neat to do, so I'll start with Lamar, since he was one of the guys on the team that I knew. After leaving State, he went to Central Arkansas and has played in several pro leagues including for Heidelberg overseas in Denmark. Lamar is currently a member of the Grand Rapids...
  5. T

    Others leaving the program Apparently, the earlier posting about other players leaving the program along with Cole were false. Marshall's name was included, but from this article, it appears to be the exact opposite. Really read this article and this is the...
  6. bent20

    Drake to announce at 11

    Drake is already naming its new headcoach today. That didn't take long! Is it going to be Lansing?
  7. X

    K. Davis to Providence

    Link Drake coach Keno Davis has agreed in principle to take the Providence job. According to sources close to the situation, Davis will be introduced at a news conference at 5 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. One source said that Davis will sign a seven-year deal that will pay him about $1...
  8. B

    New Basketball Assistant Coach

    Any rumors floating out there yet?
  9. ISUCC

    Butler, Ball State fans upset ISU not on schedules

    Like most of us, the fans at Butler and BSU are disappointed (for the most part) that ISU is not playing either school next season. The BSU fans claim ISU wanted BSU to play in Terre Haute next season, but BSU said no. I am not so sure about that?? Here are their message board postings: Ball...
  10. btisu22

    Jay Tunnel

    I have not details, but it appears he is going under the knife again for a knee. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  11. ISUCC

    Bird named 9th greatest college BB player by ESPN

    Saw it scroll by on the ESPN ticker, but nothing on the ESPN site yet.