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    we are up to 32 former players on the isu football alumni facebook page

    just a few weeks after i set it up, we're up to 32 former football players on the indiana state football alumni group page on facebook. i haven't done a lot of talking about it. those who have joined up have been mostly by word of mouth or emails among each other.
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    Facebook page now available for ISU football alums

    FACEBOOK PAGE NOW AVAILABLE FOR ISU FOOTBALL ALUMNI For those of you who have access to Facebook on the internet, I have recently set up an Indiana State Football Alumni friends group on the website. Just sign in to Facebook ( and look for the "Indiana State...
  3. S

    ISU Recruit Aaron Archie's Page on TAKKLE
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Sports Headlines on Main Page!

    I've added a new feature for you folks. On the front page, you'll see a Sycamore Sports Headlines section that will have the most up to date ISU stories from the Trib-Star. Figured this would save some of you folks some time. Just click and it'll open in a new window. Then feel free to discuss...
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    Sycamore Miracle against Wichita St. makes College BBall Front Page at Sporting News
  6. Jason Svoboda

    Revamped Front Page

    We've revamped our front page. What do you think about the new design features?