Sycamore Miracle against Wichita St. makes College BBall Front Page at Sporting News

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This was a great article. Out of curiosity, was this the article he came here to write or was it sparked by what happened. I believe this is the guy that was traveling all over Indiana to cover games at all the major Universities and a few high-schools?
That is cool! Did you see his blog comments?

• Tuesday was quite possibly the craziest second half I've witnessed live. Wichita State had outhustled and outshot Indiana State and took a 48-27 lead with 13:43 left on an and-1 layup and free throw by Ramon Clemente.

That's when the host Sycamores rattled off a 21-0 run in 4:50 to tie the game 48-48. Undaunted, the Shockers responded by building their lead back up to 10 points at 62-52, and led by nine with 1:22 remaining.

Indiana State closed on a 13-4 run to tie the game with 3.1 seconds left and won in overtime. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that one.


I got several e-mails telling me the place I had to visit in Terre Haute was The Ballyhoo, which is just a block or so from Hulman Center. Right they were.

Dave Brasen, the owner, showed off the place to Photo Jay and me. Lots of Sycamores memorabilia on the walls and even a couple of bicycles hanging from the ceiling. Being a Tuesday night, there wasn't a band playing, but the music room feels like a great place to watch a concert. Small enough that it gives off an intimate vibe, but big enough that you don't feel cramped. Highly recommended.

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