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  1. T

    Larry Bird news conference Tuesday to discuss his memories of ISU-Michigan State

    The Indiana Pacers announced this afternoon that Larry Bird to have a press conference to discuss his memories of the 1979 NCAA title game with Michigan State.
  2. T

    now fill me in on all the football news that i've missed....

    new player? new offensive line coach perhaps?
  3. IndyTreeFan

    Any news?

    What's the latest out of the football program? Haven't heard anything for a while. Anyone know of any further additions that might be coming our way? Any word on new coaches? Come on, guys, you're awfully quiet!!!! :sycamores::sycamores::sycamores:
  4. new sycamore fan

    Any News on New Coaches?

    I think a couple of coaches have been hired, but no word on who--does anyone have any info? Hopefully we get some "seasoned" coaches with good reps who can continue to expand the recruiting horizons.:pray:
  5. SycamoreStateofMind

    Possible Big News Out of Iowa U.

    I have heard rumors from "good sources" that say Jake Kelly wants to come back home. He played high school ball for the Marshall Lions before transfering to Carmel to play in the MIC. Jake has seen a reduced role somewhat this year at Iowa with a pretty stron Fresman class ahead of him. My...
  6. IndyTreeFan

    Football News...

    ...sure isn't on here! I was getting used to getting multiple updates each day on our gridiron Trees, but for the past few days, nothing! WHERE IS EVERYBODY??? :hug: (I seriously can't believe that I'm getting that worked up over ISU football...:eek7: )
  7. BlueBleeder

    Awesome news on RJ Mahurin

    Just doing some time killing online and found a Rockville basketball team info website ran by RJ's father and coach. Sounds like RJ's having an oustanding summer and making noise on the big stage. Check out this from the website: posted by Coach Mahurin July...
  8. IndyTreeFan

    News from Spring Practice?

    Anyone out there know how spring practice is going? A nice article in the Trib-Star earlier in the week. I was just wondering how things look now... :sycamores::sycamores::sycamores:
  9. sycamore51

    Any New News?

    Has there been any more talk of a new multi-purpose field for football?
  10. S

    Sycamore Miracle against Wichita St. makes College BBall Front Page at Sporting News
  11. ISUCC

    The Sporting News writer coming to ISU-WSU game!

    I found this on the Indy Star message board. I hope to God we have a good crowd for this game. This guy is touring all the Indiana D-I colleges and then will write an article. Someone e-mail him and offer him tips about what to do prior to and/or after his trip to Terre Haute. He needs to at...
  12. Jason Svoboda

    Hughes News and Views: Out with the old, in with the older: Raetz is giving fans reas

    Out with the old, in with the new. Or in this case, in with the new that used to be old. More...
  13. Sycamore624

    Very cool news for

    We have been given access to the Hulman Center for pics of the new scoreboard construction and will have acces to team practices through the season. The Mens coaching staff is being very supportive of our efforts here at SH! Looks like we'll have a strong connection with the team. :sycamores:
  14. Jason Svoboda

    No news is good news for McKenna, Sycamores

    TERRE HAUTE ? Aside from the verbal commitment from Chicago?s Carl Richard Jr. all has been quiet on the Indiana State men?s basketball front this summer. No new injuries. No trouble. No defections. No turmoil. And for the first time in a few seasons, no question of the future direction of the...