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  1. ISUCC

    Gateway predictions from SIU paper

    the SIU paper predicts this year's Gateway football race:
  2. ISUCC

    MVC 08-09 predictions from the Pantagraph

    even in the off season, the Bloomington/Normal paper writes BB articles. Although I think they are off on Indiana State's prediction as I think they'll be higher up. good read though for this early
  3. sycamore51

    08 Predictions

    I'm predicting 3 wins for this years football team. (Eastern Illinois, SEMO, and Mo State) What do you all think?:sycamores:
  4. Sycamore624

    Score Predictions: ISU vs DePauw

    I look for the boys to come out hustling but still struggle a bit with the new system. DePauw can shoot the rock from outside and could be a headache for awhile. I think we see a big game from Holmstrom tonite. DePauw-54 ISU- 78
  5. IndyTreeFan

    Valley Predictions

    They've got a nice predictions thread going on over at ValleyTalk, so I thought it would be interesting to see how those of us in Sycamore Nation think the MVC will shake out. I'll start with my own prognostication: I love this part of the season. Everyone is filled with optimism and everyone...