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  1. S

    Coaching Staff Turning it Around?

    It seems like the coaching staff has finally made a decision to let the boys play. We are playing really good right now. The players seem to have more confidence and we have some good team chemistry. Players are getting to feel comfortable in their roles and there is more balance in our...
  2. T

    any word on coaching staff yet? rumors?

    any word on what's happening on the assistant coach front? any hires? also, is this economic downturn going to effect the building of the new locker room facility and upgrades at memorial stadium?
  3. Daveinth

    forget McKenna fire the rest of the staff

    Facts are this we cant rebound, we cant take care of the ball, regardless of what system we have if you turn the ballover or continue to get dominated by teams inside the wins will never come . these problems are the reults of poor assistant coaches. who ever is in charge of these major areas...
  4. Jason Svoboda

    Miles completes staff with former Notre Dame offensive coordinator

    Indiana State football coach Trent Miles said he was like a child on Christmas Eve on Tuesday night. Today is the first official day of the offseason conditioning program, which means Miles and his new staff will be ready to work at 5 a.m., with players arriving for workouts at 6. More...
  5. Jason Svoboda

    Another former Sycamore joins Miles' staff

    In the mid-1980s, Troy Johnson enjoyed playing linebacker on the same Indiana State football team with wide receiver Trent Miles. Now Johnson plans to enjoy coaching on the same ISU staff with Miles in charge. More...
  6. Jason Svoboda

    Melanie Boeglin to join Indiana State women's basketball's staff

    The Indiana State women?s basketball program received word of an early Christmas gift Wednesday. Melanie Boeglin, one of the best players in Indiana State women?s basketball history, said she is done pursuing a professional basketball career and will join coach Jim Wiedie?s staff as a graduate...
  7. Sycamore624

    Sycamore Staff & Local Media Support of our site

    Been in contact with most of the local media regarding the new site and the response has been very supportive. We are very close to getting a direct link to the site on WTHI TV 10 sports page. Mens Asst. Coach Greg Lansing is very excited about the new site. He's contacted me more than once...